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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing a Janitorial Company
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Master Care Janitorial provides the best service for the customer's dollar. This testifies to our more than 30 years in business. 

Businesses demand great value and customer service for their money.  We often replace janitorial companies who do not measure up to expectations, thereby failing to meet client needs.

Below is a list of 10 mistakes made by businesses when selecting a cleaning contractor.  You might recognize some from past experience or you may not have given much thought to them at all.  Either way, we encourage you to request a FREE ESTIMATE. We will be straight forward with you assuring the best "fit" for your budget and maintenance needs.

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Listen to the Audio above to hear the Top 10 Mistakes to AVOID
when choosing a Janitorial Company!

Below is a summary of the 10 Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Sign on with lowest priced service
  2. Sign on with an overpriced service
  3. Fail to request and follow up on references
  4. Company and it's owners are out of area
  5. Fail to ask revealing questions about employee program
  6. Comparing apples to oranges in the selection process
  7. Insufficient number of days to clean per week, per month
  8. Have own employees or family clean facility
  9. Janitorial service subcontracts work to another contractor
  10. Randomly pick a service from the yellow pages

Keeping Businesses Clean With over 30 Years of Janitorial Experience!

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