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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do you fall price wise to other bidders?
    Usually in the middle, between the high and low.

  • How are you different from other janitorial services?
    The owners stay visible in the actual work itself, routinely working side by side with employees.

  • Why would it be more advantageous to hire you than do it ourselves?
    Do it yourself requires purchasing and maintaining the right equipment, chemicals, supervising the work and understanding proper cleaning methods. Keep in mind too, your employee will get sick, vacation or quit and leave a big hole in the in house program. Our service will never be interrupted.

  • Where do you operate geographically?
    Exclusively in the cities of Salem & Keizer Oregon.

  • Do you seek a long term relationship with your customer?
    Our goal is always to cultivate a relationship lasting many years.

  • How soon can you start the work?
    Some lead time is needed to hire employee(s) and assemble cleaning equipment and chemicals and map the routine. Knowing this, we have always accommodated our customer.

  • What qualities do you seek in an employee?
    Speaks fluent English, clean dresser, well groomed, honest, teachable, responsible, works well with authority and fellow employees.

  • What background checks do you conduct on a prospective employee?
    Work and criminal background references on employment application.

  • Describe your employee training program.
    Employee and supervisor work closely for 1 to 2 weeks. Worker is assigned a cleaning route in building, taught proper and safe use of cleaning equipment and chemicals, how to respond to any number of emergencies, then work is routinely inspected throughout their employ and corrective action taken when needed.

  • What hours will you be in our building?
    Typically, workers begin work routines at 6:00 PM and rarely work past midnight.

  • Are the owners full or part timers, i.e. , moonlighters?
    This is the full time and only occupation of the owners.

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