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Below are just a few of our testimonials for Master Care Janitorial Service, Inc. of Salem and Keizer Oregon...

"We retain MCJ for 4 major reasons:  local owner involvement, use of bio-degradable cleaning chemicals, consistent work quality, well trained and professional staff." - Medical Clinic, customer since 1994

"MCJ services our three locations:  wood fabricator, skills training center, corporate main office.  They have over the years given very good service at a fair price." - Non Profit, customer since 1992

"We feel the responsiveness of MCJ owner Brian Way has been exceptionally good. Their philosophy to develop long term relationships with customers has proven to be true." - Food Processor, customer since 2002

"MCJ is reliable, thorough and conscientious in their work.  Their website supports John and Brian's  strong work ethic and knowledge of the janitorial service field." - Retailer, customer since 1993

If you are seeking a professional janitorial service for a large medical clinic, corporate office, bank, retail store or other work environment please explore our website.  Visit our Services Page, About Us Page, read our FAQ's, then request a FREE ESTIMATE.  You'll be glad you did!

With over 30 years of experience, know you can count on us! References available on request!

Keeping Businesses Clean With over 30 Years of Janitorial Experience!

Master Care Janitorial Services, Inc.
10664 James Way DR. SE , Aumsville, OR.  97325
PH: 503-585-5785

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