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Janitorial Service for Salem Oregon and Keizer Oregon Businesses
Master Care Janitorial Service, Inc. of Salem, Oregon  503-585-5785

As a business owner, manager or other decision maker you recognize  that a high profile clean
office environment is vital to the well being of customers and employees.  In today's competitive
market place you get "one chance to make a great first impression". The professional staff of
Master Care Janitorial can help you acquire that "peace of mind" as your business
environment promotes a competitive edge.

Master Care Janitorial Service is locally owned and has been providing commercial office
and janitorial services in the greater Salem Oregon area since 1992.  Founders
and current owners John and Brian offer a maintenance program utilizing quality products and
equipment.  Our skilled staff knows what it takes to get the job done, at a fair price, with
consistent high standards.

If you are seeking a professional janitorial service for a large medical clinic, corporate office,
bank, retail store or other work environment please explore our website.  View our Services,
About Us Page, read our FAQ's, then request a FREE ESTIMATE.  You'll be glad you did!

With over 20 years of experience, know you can count on us...

Keeping Businesses Clean With over 20 Years of Janitorial Experience!

Master Care Janitorial Services, Inc.
6595 Huntington Circle S.E.
Salem, OR 97306
PH: 503-585-5785

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